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I entered USA legally but overstayed for almost 2 years. Im getting married now. How can I get a marriage licence?

Sevierville, TN |

Im afraid that courthouse clerk gonna need my documents, but all Iv got is SSN. Im really in love with my bf and we afraid that goverment can denay our marriage and sent me back home for illeagal overstaying. Please help

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Check with the clerk about what documents you will need. People who are here unalwfully get married every day, and going through that process should not lead to the initiation of removal proceedings.

Whether you will be able to remain in the country will not depend on the court clerk, but on the decisions and actions of USCIS and/or ICE.



All you need is just your travel document to verify your identity,it`s your name and picture in your travel passport itself,not in an expired visa. Not an attorney, but went trough same process 1 year ago and got my marriage license in Sevierville,TN.


I agree with Mr. Barr.


The issuance of a marriage license should not depend on immigration status.

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