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I drove a friends car unaware that she had no insurance on it and there was an accident.

Erie, PA |

My friend had lost her liscence due to a dui and for driving under suspensions, I was doing her a favor and drove her and her sister to the drs. and there was an accident. I would like to no if I am liable and if so what for. I did NOT no she didn't have ins. Her car had been impounded 2 weeks before which I new,but to get a car out of impound u have to show current ins. come to find out she told me she showed an expired one (This was after the faxt) any help would b appreciated. The police said I would recieve citations in the mail but was not charged with anything as of yet. I have a legal D.L. but no car right now so i have no car ins. Supposedly she is tellin mutual friends that I new she had no ins. which is a total lie. I have never been in an accident.

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The answer is that you are liable, and she is liable too. If I were the plaintiff's attorney, I would sue you both.


The short answer is that you are both liable. Since you don't have your own car insurance you should probably consult with, or retain, an attorney as soon as possible.

Licensed in MD, PA and DC. This is not legal advice. I am not your attorney. You should consult with an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction regarding your specific circumstances.


There seems to be two separate issues here. One is the criminal matter which could result in a citation for operating a vehicle that has no insurance.

The other issue is one of who is liable for the property damage to both vehicles and physical injury to the other driver. As the driver, you are always responsible for your actions and could be liable for both. As the owner of the vehicle, she also may be liable for some of the damages; however with the facts presented, it is not clear on that.


If you were at fault you are going to be liable for the resulting injury or damage that you caused. Not having insurance only limits your collectibility and not your liability. It really is not relevant if you knew or did not know there was insurance on the vehicle.

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