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I dropped off in a three to four foot hole at work and injured my back, hip, and shoulder do I have a suit?

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On the facts you've given, almost certainly. Did you report the accident and injury? If so, please call us for a free consultation.


Workers' Compensation is generally No Fault Insurance, so you can probably get benefits if did not deliberately do a 1 1/2 Gainer into the hole on your lunch break. You might have the Attorney look into the Termination, also. It might be righteous for violating safety regulations or a suicide attempt, but the timing seems a little suspect.

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Yes. I'm sorry, but my firm only handles workers compensation claims in Pennsyvlania.

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Because you passed the drug and alcohol test, I see no reason to fire you. Your employer runs the risk of an ADA action. I am sick and tired of employers firing injured workers who have been faithful and their only sin is an injury.

Of course you are entitled to workers comp. And, you are doing yourself a huge favor looking for the experienced trusted advisor to help you out. Good luck my friend. I'm sure many experienced workers compensation lawyers would be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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Yes you have a case under Worker's Comp, so long as you were not working an agricultural job, and possibly the ADA. Go see a worker's comp attorney in your area today. Whether your employer is self insured or has a comp insurance carrier, any delay only benefits them.

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Yes, so long as your employer has at least three or more total employees and would thereby be required to carry workers' compensation insurance in Georgia, and provided you are an employee and not an independent contractor, then you should be able to pursue a claim under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act. The fact that you passed an employer-mandated drug test, and that they fired you while you were injured and while they had knowledge of your work injury, will not prevent you from pursuing a workers' compensation claim. Please email or call me and I would be glad to discuss your potential claim with you further at no charge.


You definitely can receive workers' compensation benefits. You were covered at the time of the accident. The fact that you were fired afterwards is of no concern. You were on the job at the time of the injury. I would recommend that you contact a lawyer as I would expect your company to fight you on the workers' compensation claim. Good luck.