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I drive my brothers car hit someone,and i dont have insurance,what i can do?

San Francisco, CA |

HI,my name is joe, i was drive my brothers car,and i hit someone,then they called insurance company,i dont know what i can do,i have drive license but i dont have ia nsurance

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The question is did your brother have insurance on the car you were driving. If he did, and you are a permissive user and not an excluded driver on the policy, you are covered under his policy. If he did not have insurance on the car, both you and he could be personally liable for any damages caused by your negligence, although his liability may be limited by California Vehicle Code Section 17150.


If your brother had insurance and you were driving with his permission, then you are covered by his policy. If he was uninsured, you and your brother may be liable to the person you hit. They may have uninsured motorist coverage, in which case their insurance carrier will pay their damages and then later try to collect against you.


The owner of the car should have had insurance, which would cover you. It should be reported to his insurance company.


Joe. I agree with the other contributors, and add that you should get your own insurance as well, right away. There are non-owner's policies available, and every driver should have at least that. Good luck, Claude

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