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I drank 1 beer walking home from work. Can I be charged with public drunkeness ???

York, PA |

I was walking home, assalted from behind, drug half a block and accused of damaging a truck,I was charged with public drunkeness and criminal misschef. I am assumed guilty of the scratch on a truck, just because I smell like a beer !!!!!

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Stop posting and secure an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you.


I agree with Mr. Keller. You would best be served by having a good criminal defense attorney at your side. Lots if stuff happens in life that isn't fair or right. I recognize your anger and frustration. You can focus on venting your emotions or you can do something that will help you. Seek out the assistance of qualified criminal defense counsel. You may very well be right that you've been wronged; don't add a criminal record to your list of complaints.


My colleagues are correct, posting too much information can only hurt your case. Can you be charged---YES. Will you be convicted---not sure. I am certain that the officers will tell the story differently. I am not questioning your version, just through my experience they will say things differently. You need an experienced counsel to help get your story out to the Judge to give you the best chance in beating this case.

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The previous posters have all given good advice. Speak with an attorney immediately.

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