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I dont know what to do any help would be appreciated

Humble, TX |

I was arrested and I'm out on bond for a third degree felony theft charge. My uncle said I stole his gold during the summer and called the cops on December the 3rd. He took a pawn slip out of my bedroom and used that but the gold I pawned was given to me by my father. He said if I ever need money sell it so I did and got 480 dollars for it. Now my uncle found his gold and at court they wouldn't let him tell them im innocent. I don't know what to do because I can't afford a lawyer.

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Where is your father - can he testify that the gold was a gift to you from him? Can it be identified?

Hopefully you can work things out with your uncle. That is awful if he would accuse you of that.

Clark County, NV practitioner.


Apply for a court appointed lawyer. Sounds like a case you should really fight. Not good to have this on your record.


Well you can't represent yourself on a felony. You may qualify for a court-appointed attorney. You are going to have to tell the court that you need to apply for one. You have the right to a jury trial and to call your uncle and father as witnesses. An experienced attorney should be able to get the DA to back down.

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