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I don't know if I have had a deferred traffic ticket in the last 7 years or not

Mount Vernon, WA |

I got a speeding ticket deferred a while back but I can not remember when. I do not know if it has been longer then 7 years or not. How do I find out when my deferral was given? Thank you.

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Ask a court clerk to pull a copy of your DCH - and be prepared to show ID, as info on a DCH is not available to the public but it is available to the named defendants, attorneys, and judges. Note that if your deferred finding was in Seattle Municipal Court, it would likely not show up on a DCH. For complete SMC case history, contact that court directly.

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Check with the clerk's office in the city or county were the ticket was issued.

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Call my office assistant, Amanda, at 253-683-4180. Give her your name and date of birth, and she'll look up your case and call you back with the information.



Thank you very much. That will be very helpful and much quicker then me trying to find out on my own. I will call.