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I don't have the money for a lawyer. How can I get my wife to pay for my lawyer. She makes 4 times as much as me

Orange, CA |

I want to know my rights and what I'm entitled to asset wise

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You can file a motion for attorneys fees under Family Code section 2030. This is a very common motion and in many cases, where there is a true disparity in income and assets, the motion will be granted. Many family law attorneys will either accept your case and bring the motion for you, or will assist you in making the motion so that you get an order that provides the funds to hire them. Whether you can win the motion will depend on the particular circumstances of your case, however. I recommend that you consult with one or more certified family law specialists for more advice and guidance. You can find a list of certified specialists in your area by searching the California State Bar's website (

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I agree with Attorney Fox.

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File a motion for fees under Family Code 2030.