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I didn't have insurance and I got in a car accident?

Los Angeles, CA |

I just purchased a used vehicle from a car lot which sold me a binder. They told me that it was full coverage for 265.00. They said it gave me 30 days to figure out which insurance company I wanted to go to. A couple of weeks later I was driving in a middle lane and a car on my left side swirved in my lane and to avoid hitting the car I swirved into the right lane which caused me to graze the car next to me. Meaning scratch, no physical damage. I told them to go get an estimate because we both thought it could be buffed out. He came back with an 2400.00 estimate. I told him lets just go through insurance. The binder that I had purchased from the car lot is full coverage only for my car, not his. Which makes me liable to pay. I do not have 2400.00. I am struggling now as it is.

What do I do? If he takes me to small claims court what could happen? I have no property or assets as it is. I live paycheck to paycheck? I want to take car of this guys car but have no way of paying that much plus he wants a rental car while it is fixed.....HELP

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every one is a victim in a car crash. Call your states attorney general. The lot may have violated some laws


A more immediate course of action which might help you is to do some telephone work. Sounds like the other driver is not entirely unreasonable. See if you can find a place that CAN buff the scrape out or give a much cheaper estimate to do the work. Then see if the guy will go there. If you were insured for another car when you bought this used one, quickly check your policy, because you might have had 30 days to to report a new car to them, and can cover it retroactively.

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