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I didn't do my community hours for court and they are due tomorrow what can happen?

Compton, CA |

I go to school full time and work full time and just found out I'm pregnant so I haven't been in the best condition to do my hours. I'm a first offender for DUI and I did do my DUI class and AA classes they asked me to do but not my community hours

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I think I answered elsewhere the same question. Be honest with your attorney, don't lie to him or court. You'll be able to request more time. Your pregnancy condition may also be relevant. Good luck

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I don't have an attorney. To ask for an extension do I tell the clerk or what do I do? I don't really get in to problems like this that's why I have a million questions


You need to be honest with the court but don't expect them to be sympathetic. Bring proof that you attend school full time. That is you best excuse here. Pregnancy is unlikely to get you anything since its common. The same with working full time. Mention all three, but school is your strongest excuse here. If you got good grades then even better. Good luck.

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You asked what can happen. First, the judge can give you extra time to complete the community service and not find you in violation of probation or revoke your probation. Second, the judge can find you in violation of probation and remand you into custody, although this is unlikely. Third, the judge can give you extra time to complete the community service, but add more community service to your obligation. Fourth, the judge can modify the terms of probation under Penal Code section 1203.3a to eliminate the community service requirement, but this is very unusual.