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I did some work for a man that owns several properties and I cannot get him to pay me. He owes me over $600.

Riverside, CA |

This was handymman type work and I am out some cash that I put out for parts as well as labor. He says he wont pay me until I do more work for him, but im not stupid. What can I do to get him to pay me? He is also my landlord. Can he do anything to me renyal wise if I Make him mad?

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You may want to consider taking him to small claims. You may also want to consider getting an attorney involved to see if he/she can settle this matter without having to go to court given this is your landlord. In either case, it would be unlawful for your landlord to retaliate against you if you decided to exercise your right to seek the money he owes you.

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There is a theoretical and a practical answer to this question, and they are different.

THEORETICALLY, it is illegal for your landlord to 'retaliate' against you for pursuing your legal rights to collect a debt he owes you.

PRACTICALLY, your landlord has already proven to be a jerk and a scammer, so it would be highly likely that he will retaliate in some way - legal or not!

If he will not pay voluntarily, it will probably cost close to (or more) than $600 to get an attorney involved. So, your real alternatives are to convince him to pay and/or file a small claims action.

By the way, you should be VERY careful about "handyman" work if you are not a licensed contractor! California law forbids lawsuits by unlicensed persons to collect on work which would require a contractor's license if the amount is over $xxx (I think the number is 600, but I am not sure).

Good luck.

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