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I did not sign my final divorce decree, will the judge finalize it without my signature?

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My ex and I had a mediated settlement agreement back in June 2011. We have 4 children, the 3 oldest are on a weeek to week visitation, the youngest, I am the primary parent and he is supposed to visit but he does not. He was supposed to start paying child support for the youngest but he has not/ He also does not take our oldest daughter so now that leaves me with 2 kids 100% of the time and the other 2 50% of the time, and no child support. I did not sign my divorce decree because he did not take the children as outlined in our agreement. This is why I did not sign the final decree. Will the judge finalize it anyway without my signature?

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Have you checked with the clerk of the Court where your divorce was filed to see if a final decree was entered? Also, if you filed in Brazoria County you can look up your case online to see what has been done on your case. If your ex is not complying with the settlement agreement and it is an enforceable agreement then you can probably file a motion to enforce. As for the Judge signing the final decree without your signature it is possible that he could but you should have received notice of a final hearing date. If you missed a court date then it is possible the Judge signed the decree. The online search should help you determine a summary of what has happened in your case.

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I am sorry that you are going through this. It wiill be difficult but not impossibility for the court to finalize this without your signature. I strongly suggest that you get back involved and make your concerns known. If you disregard the court and the corut dates, eventually you will be divorced on terms that may not be appropriate or favorable to you. Each state has local rules on this and most clerks or local attorney's can quickly answer this question, take care.

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