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I did file my rehearing on time.whay is next step to keep ptocess gping forward

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i didfile rehearing on time. what is tje next syep if judge deny my requesy.if i appeal before 30 days time frame can i keep process on goinh and avoid the judge decission? whst os going to happen if i do notobey the devision? tjank you

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First you have to file the appeal timely.

If you are facing a money judgment, you have to file a bond in order to avoid the judge's decision. The amount of the bond is fixed by the rules of procedure.

If you're trying to avoid another part of the judge's decision, you are required to make a motion to stay the judges decision pending appeal. The judge who issued the decision will decide your motion. Typically, the motion will be granted but you will have to post a bond in order to stay the case pending appeal. If the motion is denied or the pond is too high you can ask the appellate court to review the decision on the motion.

If your appeal is without merit you'll probably be sanctioned for taking it. So I suggest that you retain an attorney to handle the appeal to even tell you if you should bother with the appeal

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There is not enough information here to answer your question. The law involves procedure and facts and law. If you don't have something on your side, even an appeal won't work, and in order to determine that, you need to have an appellate attorney review the case.

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Not enough info. If you lost, and filed for rehearing, your request for rehearing may be denied. Ypu may be able to appeal the denial of the rehearing or the original decision which went against you. Appeals and procedural issues like this are best handled by competent local counsel. Id suggest you consult one immediately.


There is not enough information here at all to competently answer your question. It sounds like you are facing a tight deadline. You should download the latest Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure and figure out how to file an appeal. Remember, you will pay a court filing fee for the appeals both to the lower court and to the appeal court. You will also have a short deadline to file your initial appellate brief . Good luck.

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Keep in mind that just because you filed a motion for rehearing, it may not necessarily toll the 30 day time period in which you are required to file a notice of appeal in the trial court. You definitely want to speak with an attorney concerning this issue.

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