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I currently live at this apartment complex called The Lofts. How can I break my lease? They say sublease is only option.

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Are there any other ways to break their lease? Only option given were to either get someone to sublease my room or have someone refer me when they move in. This is student affiliated housing. I am afraid if I end up leaving and stop paying, they will sue me for the remaining balance. Even though they can fill the room up with no problems after I am gone. I tried working with them to avoid an eviction, but they are leaving me with no other choice. Please advise.

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Make an appointment with a local landlord tenant attorney.
The attorney will review your lease agreement to see if there are any other options.

Generally, when a tenant and landlord sign the lease for a term, each side is obligated to see the contract through for the full term of the lease.

If management finds a new tenant to take your place, your obligation stops at that point as long as the new tenant is paying the same rate and management doesn't lose anything . Of course, with this scenario, proof is often the issue. Some complexes will fill the vacancy but not inform the former tenant and try to charge them for rent. It would help if you were on good terms with a neighbor who could let you know if they fill the vacancy and what date they fill the vacancy.

Have a consultation with a local real estate lawyer and perhaps they can make a suggestion to negotiate with management. Good luck!


Be sure to try to get their position and your choices given by them in writing.


I agree with Ms. Graham, you can try to find a tenant for them to take over from you. But the lease should be reviewed and what ever you communicate with the landlord should be in WRITING so you have proof of what was said. Also you could contact a local landlord tenant lawyer for a free consultation to review your options. DO NOT just leave without an agreement with the landlord in writing, they CAN sue you for the balance due on the lease if they do not get a replacement tenant.

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