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I currently have a no contact order against my wife. How long does that stay in effect and how does it affect my child?

Dunedin, FL |

My wife was charged with domestic battery and at the hearing i told the judge that i didnt want her to go to jail but at the same time i wanted a no contact order. The order was granted but nothing was said as to how long. There was a bail set and that is all i know. The states attorney has not contacted me yet as to what else is gonna happen. how can i get access to my case and should i get a lawyer? She has also served me with divorce papers.

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Attorney answers 2


The no contact order will remain in place as long as the criminal case is open unless she has the judge modify the monitions of release. I recommend contacting the state attorneys office and speak with either the assigned state attorney or a victim advocate. If you are considering a more permanent means of protection from your wife, consider speaking with an attorney about having the court issue an injunction.
Jay Rooth


If you want to lift the no contact order then contact the state attorney on your case