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I created a blog a while back and want it removed from the Internet. What are my options?

Boston, MA |

I lost the login to the blog. It was on googles blogger. It shows up with my name on google search results. Is there a legal way I can get google to take down the blog? I can prove my identity, I simply do not have the proper login to take it down myself.

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This is not a legal issue, it is a Blogger procedure question. You need to get your password reset and then delete the blog. This is a simple process once you have your password retrieved. I prefer WordPress and have never had any problem doing this with my blogsite. If you are meaning a blog post on someone else's site then that is up to the blog owner, so I take it you are talking about your own blogsite.

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Thank you for your response. It is the username, which was an email address, that I do not remember. I have exhausted all avenues to retrieve the login. It is google's blogger program I used to create the blog.


Echoing the other answer, you should follow the policies set forth by Google for a "lost password." They will need, one way or another, some way acceptable to Google, to verify that you are indeed owner of the account. Once you do, then I assume you can do it yourself. Note, however, that there may be some "persistence" in their search results of items from your blog, assuming that it was indexed. They are quite persnickety about removing search results "before their time..."

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