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I confessed to a burglary i did not commit because the investigators scared me they have no evidence at all nothing

Thomaston, GA |

can i be convicted without evidence all they have is a false confession

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No, they have a false confession AND a burglary. Someone reported a burglary and for some reason the police suspected you. They didn't just pick your name from a phone book. You need a lawyer.

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As you have learned, talking to the police without a lawyer is never a good idea. Your confession along with something termed "corpus delicti" which is proof that a crime was committed (i.e. proof of the fact that the burglary was committed) can be enough to convict you. If you haven’t hired a lawyer by now, you need to do so immediately as that lawyer might be able to get your confession suppressed.


They have all the evidence they need. Your confession to the crime is all that they need to convict you of the crime. Moreover, if your confession is admitted into evidence, a jury is most likely going to convict you. Your only hope is to hire an attorney who can assess your confession for voluntariness and other admissibility factors to determine whether you can get your confession thrown out. Call me if I can be of assistance.

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Yes you can be convicted. You shod never talk to an investigator, a detective, or a police officer without a lawyer. You have rights. You just made your case infinitely difficult, but there are still things that can be done. I'm curious why you'd confess? And how do you know there's no evidence? Believe me, there are thousands of people in jail on "no evidence". Hire a lawyer to fight this one.

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