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I completed the ARD program for a DUI in 2009. will this show up in a fingerprint check for obtaining a job.

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I presume that you are referring to a background check as opposed to a fingerprint check as I have never heard of an employer searching via fingerprints. If they did search via fingerprints, fingerprints are retained by the PA State Police Central Repository, and the Repository should have been included in the expungement order that would have been submitted years ago in your case. If your expungement has been completed and completed completely, the government records of your case should have been removed with the exception of your PA driving record. A notation of the ARD disposition remains on your driving record for at least 10 years. It must be noted that the expungement is limited to government records, and there are many online background search companies that have records of cases that have been expunged from the government databases. The private databases cannot be ordered to remove your records from their websites, but they will often remove the records as a courtesy IF you can find the background search companies. Check on the links below for more information.

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It shouldn't. You have recieved paperwork saying that your the records have been destroyed. It seems as if everything was done properly. No one can guarantee that everyone did their jobs properly. However, their is no reason that there should be anything remaining. I know you would like a definite answer, but that is not possible. But nothing should show up.


I agree with both Attorney Doyle and Attorney Dunkle. The information should not appear as a part of any government records. What I would suggest is reviewing the Expungement order. It should state directly on the order who received notice that the case was to be expunged. If you need help, seek counsel.

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If you have official paperwork that record was expunged then you probably have nothing to worry about.