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I committed a sex offense in Michigan. In 1997 I was labeled a sex offender,I had to register. In 2002 I moved to Ohio...

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... as you know the Adam Walsh Act was enacted in 2007-2008 (their still arguing when it really went into effect), so my status was changed and I remained a registered sex offender until State v. Williams ruled it to be unconstitutional.I then received a letter from the Ohio Attorneys Office stating that my duty to register had expired,it actually expired in August of 2007 due to RC 2950.07(e). Okay, with that out of the way my question is; If I want to go out of state to visit family (not Michigan),do I have to register in that state as a sex offender being that I am an Ohio resident and my status here as a sex offender is expired ?

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If you are visiting, there is generally no duty to register. Each state makes their own laws on who has to register and for what period of time. If you do not reside there, you generally do not have to register but the length of time is determined by each state's law. Ohio law and your duty to register there has no relevance to another state. If you reside in Kentucky, for example, you may have to register the MI conviction if you live or work in the state.

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But section 9799.13. Applicability.States that: The following individuals shall register with the Pennsylvania State Police as provided in sections 9799.15 (relating to period of registration), 9799.19 (relating to initial registration) and 9799.25 (relating to verification by sexual offenders and Pennsylvania State Police) and otherwise comply with the provisions of this subchapter: (7) An individual who, on or after the effective date of this section, is required to register in a sexual offender registry in another jurisdiction or in a foreign country based upon a conviction for a sexually violent offense or under a sexual offender statute in the jurisdiction where the individual is convicted as is says "is required to register in a sexual offender registry in another jurisdiction" I am not required to register anywhere,sure my crime was in Michigan and if I move back I will have a duty to register there.