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I co-signed for a PR bond, can I revoke that bond to no longer be responsible?

Loveland, CO |

I am wanting to know if my name can be taken off of a PR bond that I co-signed for so that the courts cannot come after me if the person bonded fails to appear in court.

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First, in actuality, courts don't really come come after people who co-sign on PR bonds. If you had posted a cash bond, you should be worried. I am a former judge. In 7 years of people failing to appear on PR bonds, we never pursued any of the co-signors. However, you are free to bring the person to the judge and tell the judge that you are no long willing to serve as a co-signor on the bond and see if the judge wants to leave him on a PR bond or whether the judge wants to put the person back in jail and require them to post a bond.

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