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I checked PACER and noticed I forgot to check two boxes on Form 22A, #2 marital status and #15 line is less than 13.

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Should I file an Amendment or just send in the corrected paperwork to the court and trustee? I only filed a few days ago and have not yet have a date for my 341.

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If it is inaccurate, you should file an amendment and serve the appropriate parties.

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Atty Markus is correct, but you could also wait until your 341(a) meeting. At that meeting one of the questions the Trustee will ask you is if there are any errors or if you have any changes or corrections to make. You can then point out those two items. The Trustee will then let you know if they want you to amend or not. If so, you will usually be given a week or so to file the amendment. The advantage is that the Trustee may point out additional items or omissions they wsnt you to correct, so you will be able to amend everything you need to all at once with one filing.


When one of my clients discovers and error on a form, we file an amended version of the document. I also make sure to let the trustee know that there is a correction that has or will be made.


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