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I can't pay my fines unless I have my license, but I cannot get my license without paying the fines. Am I simply screwed?

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I have $8000 in fines from 2008 that I haven't been able to pay without my license, which was suspended. Tickets are for no insurance, expired reg., and 1 driving under suspension. No DUI, no accidents. I have been offered a position with a company that would pay enough to pay my fines, with a little time, but the position requires a driver's license. There is no possible way that I could pay these fines without this job. Isn't there some sort of restricted license I could get, so that I could pay these fines? I mean, without the license, the courts will come up empty handed, because I just won't be able to pay. It seems reasonable to me, but I believe that unless I have a DUI, there's no hope for me. Is that true?

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No. It is not true. There may be hope for you, but you will need to strike an agreement with the court and probably DMV.

The court may be able to setup a payment plan.

Give me a call for a free consultation.

Good luck!

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Get somebody to drive you to the court, and meet with the fines manager to ask for a payment plan. It helps if you have some money to start paying towards the fine, and bring documentation to show that you are being kept from a job which would help you pay the fines. In every case, be professional and polite, you are asking for their help.

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