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I can sue the family court for gender discrimination?

East Meadow, NY |

My wife has a cruel habit of calling police and filing in family court with fabrications then dismissing it later. She is a good person until she gets mad. The last time, she called the police and insisted I be arrested since I stopped her from hitting me. When the police did not arrest me, she slept in same bed as me and skiiped work to file fabrication in family court (using police report as backup). Her version was completely different from police report, but she still managed to force me out of my home for 8 months with an order or protection. The nect day I was forced out, I tried to file an order of protection but the intake clerk refused as he did not see any marks on me. I asked twice for him to rethink the situation or get me the manager. He refused and I left disenchanted.

Later I approached the intake desk and reiterated my story of gender / medical discrimination and everyone, including manager, wanted me to file right away. I said it would not be taken seriously now. During my forced absence, my wife has partied with my rental income, refused to pay for any household bills (defied Supreme Court judge's demand to do so), my house is under foreclosure, my girls (tweens) have turned against me, my credit has been ruined as the credit card and overdrafts lower my credit balances / increased interest rates. I am now considered high risk and unemployed. I was hospitalized before due to duress in my life. My wife says she can do whatever she wants as she is a mother and my kids are fully on her side. I cannot blame her for the flaws of knowing how to use the system. I am upset that she uses these tactics against me but admire how an "uneducated" immigrant can rapidly learn to use our court systems and vague laws against American - naturalized fathers.

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Its the way of the world. You can try but you will fail. You will probably not even be able to find a lawyer to take your case so you will have to file it pro se and look like just another crazy guy suing the government, which no one ever takes seriously. Better to spend you time working on your marrige (I note you did not say "ex" wife) or hiring an attorney to sue your wife for divorce.

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