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I can prove that a police officer lied on his police report, is that grounds for dismissal?

Barstow, CA |

i have a copy of the police report

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It's hard to find a police report that doesn't have a lie or two in it, these days. That is not grounds for a dismissal, but it can help you in your case, depending on how material the lie is to the case and how solid your proof is that it's a lie. You should be discussing this with your attorney, not online. Good luck to you.



Some of you people are funny. Don't you are relize that were here because A) either our public 'pretender' doesn't return our calls and the only time we see them is in court and/or B) we can't afford an attorney


What you believe is proof may not be sufficient for a judge to say that it is proof. The questions that strike me as relevant are 1. what specificaly are you saying is a lie? 2. Is the claimed lie an issue that would be material to the charge in question? 3. What proof is there that the statement is a lie? 4. Is that proof admissible in court? 5. If the claimed lie is proven false, does that mean the charge(s) against you cannot stand without the lie?

Other counsel who answered this is wise when he says this needs to be discussed with counsel and not online. Anything you post here or anywhere can come back to be used against you in court if they can prove you posted it. Speak with counsel immediately.

This information provided is in the nature of general information and in no way creates an attorney client relationship with anyone including the individual who posted the question.


Mr. Pullman is correct in his response. Most police reports have their own version of facts- as compared to what you believe. Whether these differences are significant enough will be a matter for the court. This should be dealt with by your attorney.

Andrew Roberts

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