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I came in to the u.s illegally I got married and my husband is a u.s permanent resident can he fix my immigration status?

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can my husband wich he is a u.s permanent resident fix my immigration status if I came into the u.s illegally 15 years ago?

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This is a repost. Please see earlier answer.

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If illegally means by barging in through the border, your husband cannot " fix your immigration status" In fact he would not be able to, had he been a USC. "To fix your immigration status" you will need to wait until either your husband becomes a citizen and you go though a waiver process or the Congress changes the law to provide adjustment of status to EWIs, which is highly unlikely.

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You can also consult with a lawyer regarding whether you would be eligible for a green card through Cancellation of Removal if you ended up in removal proceedings. Make your husband become a US citizen so you can get your GC through the new provisional waiver program. use a lawyer for either of these.

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