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I called the police on my husband for domestic violence but he hasn't been arrested i dont want to press charges what can i do?

Miami, FL |

So this is the second domestic violence.we had but the 1st time i and it was this one i called the police cause my mom pressured me but he wasnt caught its been two months.that iv been trying to solve this by not pressing charges what.can i do? The only thing i had was a red mark behind my neck and the police took pics of me not the mark what can i do or go to not press.charges??

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You should hire an attorney to intercede on your behalf as the victim.


You should hire an attorney to assist you to accomplish what you are trying to do. Good luck.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.


If your husband physically abused you, you should not take chances. It may be difficult to leave him or to press charges against him, but the violence will only continue to escalate and you will continue to remain in harm's way. You should at the very least file a petition for injunction against domestic violence which is not criminal in nature but is essentially a restraining order forcing him to stay away from you.

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