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I bumped into an officer at a crowded bar on memorial weekend and was arrested for disordely conduct

Chelan, WA |

I was at a college attraction on memorial weekend and the bars are filled to capacity and people are forced to wait in line due to how crowded the place is. there is probably a gap of 6 ft from the bar to the wall where people can walk by so when crowded its very hard to move. I was walking along the bar looking the opposite way of where the cop was coming from and our shoulders bumped as he passed. does this seem right for a disorderly conduct and what are the likely outcomes?

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From your description of the events, it sounds like the cop over reacted. If so and you win you may have a civil rights case against him if you spent any time in cuffs.
If what you says pans out, the likely outcome of the charge is a dismissal. OTOH do not be surprised if the cop's story differs from yours significantly.

Get a lawyer to protect your rights. They know how to do that better than you and they are used to dealing with angry and possibly lying police officers.

Be careful, and good luck.

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