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I bought a used minivan on Saturday. Faulty transmission diagnosed on Friday. I want my money back or transmission fixed.

Las Vegas, NV |

Engine light came on 1 day after purchase. They test drove it after the diagnosis and said the transmission was just fine. They reset the codes. The engine light came back on 2 days later with the same code. They said I could trade it in for the full value that I paid however, I do not trust them. I would like to get them to give me my money back or fix the transmission.

It was purchased with an As Is agreement.

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My guess is that they reset the codes just prior to the sale to you. If you have an emissions requirement in NV to get the vehicle registered OR to even sell the vehicle you may be able to hook these guys that way for this apparent fraud. Give Craig Friedberg a call in Las Vegas. He is one of only a handful of attorneys in NV that specializes in consumer protection law and is very good at what he does. Please say hello for me.


You've been well-advised by Attorney Kaufman to contact a consumer law attorney immediately. Further, depending on the dealership and other facts such as whether the car is/isn't under warranty, it's often a bad idea to have dealer's mechanic try to fix anything. Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Kaufman that this sounds like something tricky was going on in order to pass a state inspection, although maybe it was just to make the car look good to you, the buyer, in order to get you to sign. I agree with your instincts to not trade the vehicle in and purchase another from this dealership, I cannot imagine this resetting the codes was an innocent accident. I would recommend you copy all your paperwork from the sale, write out good notes from the sale and your later communications with the dealership, and call a local consumer attorney. Best of luck to you.

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