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I bought a truck , had title transferred by Secretary of State , and it was reposed ? What can I do ?

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I bought a truck from a business that is now closed . They transferred title to me . I did the transfer and registration paperwork with the Secretary of State . A few months later , a tow truck came and reposed the truck saying the truck has money that is owed on it . Apparently whoever had truck before owed someone money . I cannot track down the people who sold the truck to me and they are now closed . What can I do ? Why would the secretary of State transfer the title over and everything is money was owed , aren't they supped to check these things ?

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You should see a business attorney right away. If you have clear title from the state you should get the truck back. Perfection of a security interest in titled vehicles requires that the lien appear on the title. It's Saturday, if the towing company is open today I would give them a copy of your clear title on the truck today and put them on notice of the wrongful order to hook the truck. If you don't have the truck back by Monday, I would talk to local counsel.

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