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I bought a ruby ring and I found out that is not a ruby ring. Can I return it?

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hi,I have a question about returning goods. the problem is :
I went shopping with my mum for a 18th birthday present. my mum said she would like to buy me a ruby ring I went to a jewellery shop and asked to look at a pad of rings in the window which was labelled' rubies and other precious stones.' and i asked the staff to let me have a look at the rings which i assumed were rubies. and i said i was looking for a red stone. after i looked at the ring, i selected a ring .Then my mum paid the money and took it home. 3 days later,i showed it to my gemmology friend and she said this is not a ruby ring. My mum and I were so disappointed that the stone is not a ruby. Can you please advise me whether I have any legal right to return the good? (no sale of goods act or trade practices act)

my gemmology friend said she haven't see a pink sapphire for some time. but if i am not consider the Sale of Goods Act or the Trade Practices Act. Can i return the ring? Just wondering, Are there any cases that is related/similar to my case?

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Depends where you bought it and the store policy. You asked for a red stone and the store sold you a red stone. The only issue might be if it was not a real red natural gemstone and was a glass or synthetic one instead. What did the gemologist say if it was?


Take the merchandise back to the store to see if they have a return policy. You seem to have gotten what you asked for, i.e. one of the selection of stones you were shown. Until you get some further answers from your gemologist, no further observation is possible here online.

Good luck.


Well it's a real gemstone, most jewelry stores have an exchange policy for an item of higher value or store credit, go and ask.