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I borrowed money from Cash Net USA. IT wasnot paid by mistake.Can they have me arrested? That is what they are saying

Largo, FL |

I understand that it needs to be paid and I will. But they called me at work saying it will go to court and charge me with a felony and i could go to jail.I know i need topay for this but can they send me to jail? Or does it go to civil court.I'm scared and dont' know what to do.

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Attorney answers 1


I believe Cash Net USA has violated the Florida Consumer Collections Practices Act. You may be able to get a Consumer Law attorney to represent you I an action against them. The next time they call, take detailed notes of everything they say. Get the person's name. If all you have is an outstanding debt they cannot have you arrested. It is illegal for them to threaten to have you arrested for a debt. I am willing to discuss your case with you