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I blew into someone's interlock device that has a camera and it caused him to get a fail on his interlock report.

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I went out for girls night and got a ride home. I needed to take the dogs to get groomed the next day and used his car while he was at work. The interlock failed. He is on probation and has already been in trouble for failing it himself. The interlock device does have a camera. Will that save him from getting into more trouble?

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How much, if any, trouble he gets in will be subject to the terms of the court order to use the device and the discretion of the judge. You can try to argue that he was not using the car at the time and the camera will bolster that argument.

Worth noting, LifeSaver, one of the companies that produces these devices addresses this subject in their FAQ section: "Can other people operate my vehicle? Yes, but anyone driving the vehicle will need to use the interlock and you will be responsible for any violations." -

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I agree with the prior answer. Your boyfriend can have a probation violation brought against him for the interlock violation, but my be able to vindicate himself with the camera and your testimony. But he also needs to establish he was somewhere else, or he'll get in trouble for allowing another person to operate his vehicle while consuming alcohol.


If you come forward you may get him out of trouble. Are you on probation? That was a terrible joke that will affect your friend on an important matter.