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I blew a violation on my interlock device, and had no alcohol in my system, what happens now legally?

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I blew a violation on my interlock device even though I had no alcohol in my system, I re-blew as soon as the machine reset and passed. I contacted the company that installed the machine and told them what happened and was told I should be fine. The same day my case manager who is also the VASAP Director called and would not listen to anything I tried to say. He told me I was outside my 15 minute window and that I will have to keep the Interlock in my car for another 6 months and if I have another violation in that time I could go to jail. This is a new device and not the one that was originally installed. What are my rights under the law?

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You have a right to fight this in court. You should have a case hearing date set for the "violation" and the VASAP officer should have informed you about the date of your case, if he wanted to extend the interlock 6 months.

I have routinely gone in front of Judges for similar occurances and been successful for my clients. You should hire a qualified attorney to represent you at this hearing.

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