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I blew a .08 and its my first DUI, do I really need a lawyer? I want to just get this done and get on with my life.

Portland, OR |

I was driving home 07/31/09 around midnight after a poker tournament and was stopped on a highway. I did a field test, then taken to the station and blew a .08. I can't afford a lawyer and don't qualify for a court appointed attorney. Any advice.

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You're right on the edge of the "legal limit." There may be a way to reduce this charge to a lower one - potentially even one that doesn't involve pleading to an alcohol related offense, greatly saving you on fees and insurance increases.

If you try to negotiate this yourself, my prediction is that you'll find the DA to be unwilling to budge. On the other hand, a decent defense attorney negotiating on your behalf may be able to do something to help.

Consult with attorneys in your area - fees range and some can arrange payments to help you out. It's worth in in your case to have an attorney. I'm not even in your area, so it's not like I'm trying to hustle your business - just telling you what I see. Good luck.


One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to just try and "get it over with". A criminal charge is serious and needs to be treated as such. The consequences of pleading to a charge, especially when there may be a great defense, can be far more problematic than the time and money one spends fighting a charge with a lawyer. Get a lawyer. if you cannot afford one, the court will appoint one.


It seems like you would either qualify for a lawyer or be able to retain a good one. Wha tis most important is that you realize there can be not only jail time and license consequences but your insurance will skyrocket for a number of years. Call a lawyer at the Nat. College for dui Defense near you or a couple if the 1st is really unaffordable but realize the long-lasting consequences may prove even more costly. THe Colleg is on the web google NCDD. A well qualified lawyer may be abe to establish at the time of driving you weren't an .08


Depending on the laws of your state, with an attorney to assist you, the charges may be reduced or even dismissed. This is not one of those things that you should just seek to "get done". You should consult more than one attorney before you determine that you can't afford an attorney. Many attorneys have payment plans, It is certainly in your best interest to have an qualified advocate in your corner.