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I bit a piece of rock from my burrito, can I sue?

Westland, MI |

I recently purchased a chimichanga out of the vending machine at my job. The item is from a well known company that sells mexican frozen food items. As I was chewining the item, I felt something very hard against my teeth, I spit the food out and noticed that there was a piece of quartz rock in my food about 1 cm long. Its a steak and cheese chimichanga so I have no idea how quartz rock would end up in this. Do I case? Also, a piece of my tooth chipped off from this.

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you have a case from a liability standpoint, assuming you still have the food and rock. Have you been to the dentist yet? I am handling a few of these cases right now and would be happy to discuss representing you. Please visit me at to discuss. Tim Klisz


I am not licensed in Michigan so the following is not intended as legal advice but for informational purposes only.

You should contact a Michigan lawyer to evaluate your claim. If someone seeking legal advice in Vermont presented this fact pattern to me in Vermont, I would conclude he or she had a claim for damages against the manufacturer of the chimichanga, although the claim is small. You should also see a dentist about fixing your tooth, whether or not you determine to pursue a lawsuit.