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I believe I have a law suit against my county's social services division. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Shakopee, MN |

My wife and I reported on my siblings for elder abuse, financial and physical, against my father. They investigator met with them and turned around and pursed us for financial and emotional abuse. I have done some research and found that the investagor could not accept a compliant from my siblings for at least 60 days after my report. Plus it seems we had immunity against prosecution since we reported. Also she never met with my wife or i to get our side of the events. There are many other items I need to discuss about how the investigator failed to follow the county guidelines and many other areas. I have no idea what type of attorney I need and area of practice. So I would really appreciate it if I could get an idea of a practice area to look for someone that would be great.

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Government entities are generally immune from lawsuit because of the acts or omissions of their employees. It's a concept called "sovereign immunity". There are exceptions to that rule, but they are very narrow. I don't mean to dissuade you in your search for justice. Just be aware that if you want to pursue his action, you need to be aware that the road is long, hard and costly. And there is a significant chance that you will come out of the matter with nothing.

That being said, in my opinion you should look for an attorney who has experience in suing state and local government.