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I believe I am being blackmailed...what can and should i do?

Belleville, IL |

I have a "friend" who I let get a vehicle in my name back in december. He and I are no longer friends and have went our separate ways. He sent me text messages a few days ago stating that if I didn't pay his car payment, he would "get evil." I replied to him and told him I did not care if he kept the vehicle, but I would not be paying for it...he would have to. He then sent me an "exposed" picture of me that he had and stated "don't let sh*t mess you up." He now has said that he will send the pictures to my place of employment. I work at a school and that would not be good. I am now trying to figure out what my next action should be. I am not paying for the car payment. What should I do?

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It definitely sounds like you're being blackmailed. Your best option would be to contact the police about the situation. You may want to take an attorney with you to the police station when you make the report about the individual blackmailing you. Good luck.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.


Contact the police about this person's actions and request help in getting the car back.


Due to a lack of detail, it is unclear whether you have committed any crime, either in relation to the acquisition of the car, or in relation to the pictures he has in his possession. Thus, I would suggest you consult with a criminal defense attorney before you go giving statements to the police. If you are innocent of any wrong doing, then you should not hesiatte to report everyhting to the police, as you are clearly being blackmailed.


I agree with Mr Galivan.
Hire a lawyer. Provide your attorney with all the facts of the matter. Your attorney can contact the authorities on your behalf or accompany you to the police station for the purpose of making a report.

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