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I became the victim of immigration fraud and got a 5 yr ban from entering the US. Please help me understand how I can undo this

San Francisco, CA |

I entered the US in 01 w/ a F1 visa to study for a yr after which I was victimized by a fake immigration consultant who got me a work authorization card thru a supposed govt program. Turns out he forged my signature and applied for a marriage w/ a "ghost bride" whose signature he probably forged. I never heard back and became afraid so I continued to work and also set up a business which currently employs 20 providing transportation for the disabled. I left the US for good in 07 and became a Canadian Immigrant. I was still able to visit the US a few times using my valid B1 visa. Recently I was given a 5 year Ban at the border due to a deportation hearing notice that was sent out. I got a lawyer to handle the hearing on Dec 10. If that gets terminated what then can I do for my 5 year ban?

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It sounds like you got a deportation order in absentia. It is necessary to make the motion to reopen the deportation in absentia hearing. Then, you would need to be paroled back into the U.S. in order to fight the case. There are some more specifics that I would need to know at this point in order to let you know the best avenue to take.


Brian D. Lerner
Attorney at Law