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I attend an accredited online university that messed up my financial aid. Can I take action against them?

Los Angeles, CA |

I am a student doing my MSN in Nursing, also not working at this time, and applied for financial for my education. Since my admission to the program, I have had major problems with the financial aid department, not receiving money on time, disbursements are incorrect, withholding money that they should have given me. Due to their latest mishap two months ago, they have placed me in financial hardship because they withheld my financial aid refund for this month and now I am unable to pay my rent or bills. Can I take legal action against them to retrieve back the money? This online university's main office is in Minnesota, and I am in the state of California, so I am not sure who would answer this question.

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An education attorney in Los Angeles can help you straighten out this mess, and possibly obtain some consideration for whatever damages you have suffered as a result of their negligence.


You should immediately consult an experienced attorney familiar with student loan issues. When you say you want to sue to recover the money, what do you mean? Where did the money go?