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I applied for deferred action oct 2012. still has not been approved, on initial review. never been arrested. what can i do?

Hollywood, FL |

i did it with a lawyer, I've called many times to the USCIS and they just tell me its on initial review. i don't have a criminal background. i have a us citizen baby. what can i do?

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Your lawyer can try to contact the constituent services department of your local congressperson and they may be able to communicate with the USCIS and get things moving.


If your case is still under initial review there is not much you can do. Current processing times for DACA is 6 months so normally when you call USCIS, if it is outside of this normal processing time they will usually put in a service request but this does not always mean a quick turn around. Normally when there is no criminal history or other complications, the turn around time is faster so I would just hang tight.


Talk to your lawyer and wait.

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It certainly should not take over a year. You canmake an InfoPass appointment to check on the status of your case, asking for a specific reason for the delay. If that does not provide the requested information or solve the problem, you will need to consult an experienced immigration attorney who can discuss the matter with a supervisor at the USCIS.

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