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I applied for Deferred Action in October and gave my biometrics 11/27, I haven't heard anything, what's going on?

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As I mentioned, I applied in October last year, went to my biometric appointment on the 27th of Nov. and am still waiting. The lady who took my biometric info said that it might take 2 weeks to hear back but now it has almost been 2 months. What's going on? Is there something wrong? Are they just too backed up to get to me yet? Should I stop worrying? I'm in need of money and I've been waiting for my work permit to look for a job but I can't wait any longer, I don't know what to do.

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Be patient. The wait after you apply always seems to take longer than it should, but you are still within normal wait time.


You need to be patient. It currently takes at least 4 months after biometrics to get a decision on a DACA application, with the processing tomes growing longer by the day, due to the the sheer number of applicants that literally surged after the presidential election.

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There is a slow down with these applications, particularly if you have a previous case or encounter with immigration. Plus, those cases that do not have sufficient proofs could result in an RFE (request for evidence). That being said, you could call us to schedule a consultation and we could look over your case.


It is usually taking at least 3 months to hear something.