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I applied for Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals, my questions is....

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I already send my application to the USCIS department. I was reviewing my paperwork, and realize that in the form I-765 from I accidently put under question 16. Who may file form I-765 I put (c)(14) instead of (c)(33).. I am know worry can someone help me will this little error cause me to be denied? What can I do, I have already had my Biometrics taken.

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CIS will likely amend it on your behalf understanding that you filed it on your own and without counsel. They may require you to submit a new I-765 with the amendment and a new signature but they won't deny it.


Don't worry, such minor errors are common. In all likelihood you won't even get an RFE for it. USCIS will correct that on its own.

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Thank you so much! :)


I agree with my colleagues. You shouldn't worry.

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Thank you!

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