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I am wondering in wisconsin law what evidence is needed to charge someone with domestic abuse / violence

Glenwood City, WI |

For instance someone extremly intoxicated gets up set with his/her partner and calls 911 out me spite because they are just simply upset and makes false statements that is or has mad abusive gestures but there is no writen statements by either party and there is proof that the allegations were not accurate. Even the victum in the mater admites that they tripped and fell all on there own. due to there inability to comprehend what just happened made a poor assumption not able to comprehend what had really happened.

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My guess is that you are asking criminally not as in family law. You may want to repost this in criminal law.

In family court anything that supports your claim of a history would work fine. Police reports, witnesses, damage reported by landlords, medical receords. But in family law we are doing so to attempt sole custody (i.e. that the parties cannot work together to make decisions regarding the child(ren)). In criminal law it is a completely different matter.