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I am USA citizen i want to transmit USA citizenship to my daughter who lives over see.

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i am USA citizen i want to transmit USA citizenship to my daughter who lives over daughter was born two month ago. I was told i have to provided proof of physical presence for five year before my daughter was my question is about the "physical presence in USA requirement ". is that mean i have to prove that i lived in USA " for five years continuously" with out leaving the USA even for single day? i got married 2 years ago my wife lives oversee.

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Your brief and casual departures from the United States will not interrupt your physical presence.


"Brief and casual absence" should not interrupt continuity during the 5 years in question. Don't forget 2 of the years will have to have occurred after your 14th birthday. You should double-check in person with an immigration attorney if you had frequent travels during the period in question.

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The five years physical presence requirement refers to the years you spent (or did not spend)i in the US during your adolescent years; does not concern itself with the present. You can obtain the documentary proof therefor by retrieving your school records, medical visit, vaccination records, taxes, etc.

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