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I am US citizen. I want to petition for my brother. I was told I have to file I-130 asap.

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Is it true that this program is eliminated and I have few days to file I-130?

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No. Nothing of the sort is true. They are talking about eliminating the siblings category in the immigration bill. But nothing has passed yet. Even if and when it does, they will give certain period For all the remaining siblings petitions to be filed, before a "sunset date" when the entire category would expire. That would not affect those cases that are already in the "pipeline", those will remain unaffected and will be processed, perhaps even faster than now.

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The sibling category is eliminated in the current immigration reform bill that is before the house. Should that bill become law you will not be able to file for your brother. Whether the legislation will actually pass one can only speculate. However, it would be a good idea to file the I-130 now.


There is no urgency. The "advice" you got was based on the assumption that the new immigration bill would eliminate this category all together when it becomes law. Whether that will ever happen, is very speculative at this point.

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If congress passed the immigration reform bill the Senate approved, then yes, it will be eliminated.

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IF the current immigration bill passes, then yes, it would be eliminated.

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That is not the law .... yet, but it might be.

Yes, it is a good idea to file now .. to be safe.

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Elimination of this preference category is also the subject of other legislation (in addition to the comprehensive reform bill). None of the bills have become law, but it would be best to file now in case any of the legislation does become law.

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