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I am under a court order to stay out of trouble for 1 year w/ a 90 day suspended sentance if i get a ticket will i get arrested.

Las Vegas, NV |

i was walking my bicycle down a residential street,and was cited for not using the sidewalk that was provided. Is this considered a violation of my court order?

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One would have to see the specific court order, but it seems unlikely.


Probably not but the specific terms of the court order are important. You should carefully review the court order's terms.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.


It is highly unlikely if the underlying suspended sentence was for a misdemeanor. For the most part, stay out of trouble orders do not apply to parking violations or routine traffic violations. This sounds like it is probably a routine traffic type violation.


Typically, minor traffic violations (4 demerit points or less) will not violate the stay out of trouble order, unless the judge advised you specifically that even minor traffic violations would violate the order. What you are describing appears to be a traffic-related violation. My recommendation to you would be to retain counsel to represent you further on your existing case, or to contact your current lawyer and advise him/her of your situation.

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