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I am trying to finish high school. if i give my daughters father temporary guardianship can he keep her perminately?

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i am a senior in high school. i am trying to graduate so i can go to college this coming year. my daughters father and his family has went behind my back and tried gettin custody of her, and now the court ordered that he has her a week and then i have her a week.. what i am concerned about is that im thinking about giving my daughters father temporary guardianship but i dont want him to try and use it against me in court or keep her and not give her back. what should i do about this whole situation?

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Be careful before you agree to any guardianship agreements without consulting with an attorney. Given the fact that your boyfriend's family is already trying to gain custody of your child, your request to give-up guardianship/custody (for however long) can definitely be twisted and used against you.

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