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I am trying to find out my rights and what to do. I have been informed that I am being invested for welfare fraud

Boise, ID |

I do not know whether to speak with the investigator any further since I have already answered questions once on the phone and received a visit at my home. I do not know what it is that I have done to be investigated and feel that I have done nothing wrong but I am scared if I do not speak with him it will make me look like I am not cooperating but if I do speak with him it will incriminate myself

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If you are at all uncomfortable with the investigator's questions, retain experienced criminal defense counsel.

This answer is offered as a public service for general information only and may not be relied upon as legal advice.

Edward Brandon Beckham

Edward Brandon Beckham


I agree.


The wording of the question suggests that you are the target of a criminal investigation. As a general rule, you are best served by contacting experienced criminal representation before agreeing to an interview in a situation where you are a target. There are potential dangers of self incrimination present in a target's interview by law enforcement.

You have an absolute right to refuse to talk with a government investigator at any stage of the investigation. I suggest that you contact a criminal attorney experienced in white collar crime. That attorney should contact the investigator and advise that he/she is representing you and that all contact with law enforcement should come through that attorney.

Working with your attorney, you will be able to make an informed decision of how to proceed in the investigation.

This response is for informational purposes only. It does not create a legal engagement between questioner and answerer nor does it create an attorney client relationship. The questioner should retain an attorney for legal advice.

Edward Brandon Beckham

Edward Brandon Beckham


Great info - I agree.


Before going any further in the process, retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Do not share any more information on this site, as it is public information.

This is only an Avvo answer. I am not getting paid to give this response and am basing this response only on the information provided to me in the above question.


As a general observation, consult an experienced criminal defense attorney RIGHT AWAY to discuss the specific facts and details of the ongoing investigation. You are only going to get general information in this forum. Do not post any details online; talk to a lawyer in confidentiality.

This is not legal advice. This response is provided for general information only, as a public service. It is not to be relied upon as legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship; nor is it an attempt to create an attorney/client relationship. Consult with local counsel in your jurisdiction about the specifics of your case, which is the only way to gain true meaningful legal guidance and/or representation.

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