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I am trying to find out if Superior Courts in Los Angeles allow written depositions of non-party witnesses.

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I am being sued in Los Angels by plaintiff (pro per) who lives in northern California. I need to depose some non-party witnesses who work(ed) with plaintiff but they all work/reside in northern California. I cannot afford time-wise, nor cost-wise, to travel to northern California to depose these witnesses. I came across written depositions, but I cannot seem to find very much information on how to go about doing a written deposition. Where can I find the codes and statutes regarding using written depositions in a Los Angeles Superior Court case?

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Yes. See CA Code of Civil Procedure sections 2028.010 through 2028.080.

Just keep in mind that written depositions are rarely used because they are not very effective.

Moreover, if your case is a limited jurisdiction case (as opposed to an unlimited jurisdiction case), you are restricted to taking only ONE oral or written deposition, per Code of Civil Procedure section 94, subdivision (b).

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Your best resource for this info is "Civil Procedure Before Trial" published by Rutter as a California Practice Guide. The law library will have it. It is useful and understandable.

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