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I am trying to find out anything about divorcing my abusive husband of 26 years. I have nothing, and he will not divorce me.

Monroe, MI |

He inherited money that we were s'pose to b getting for the last 13 years. He didn' t get all of it back but I have watched him blow all of it. I have never had a home. I had2 kids- boy, girl 27 and 24. We live in MI. In an apt,which is shady to say the least. He works for the railroad but would not be anywhere if not for my family,I am in someway abused everyday, They did not care, I am under a docters care and always have been, I drove him to work until 2000-From1989. He has just cut me out of my own life. All the things he said we would do or get is long gone. I am not good at typing and am sorry if this is hard to read. Renee

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Hi, I urge you to talk to an attorney who specializes in family law and divorce in your area so that your situation can be analyzed and you can be fully advised of your rights. You need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Good luck to you.

Henry Gornbein


Renee, you can divorce your husband whether he consents to one or not in the state of Michigan. You do not need his permission. You will need to consult with an attorney to get a better idea of what you may be entitled to, but based on what you have written, my guess is that you would be entitled to spousal support and an equitable split of the marital assets. A case might also be made to invade his separate assets. I hope it all works out for you. Kind regards, Steve.

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You can file for divorce without your husband's consent. If he is working and you are not, especially if you are under a doctor's care, you may qualify for spousal support. If he has a pension, you would also be entitled to one-half the pension that accrued during the marriage. If he received an inheritance, Michigan law provides that an inheritance will remain his separate property unless you are able to meet the statutory grounds to invade his separate property. I would recommend you consult with an attorney to assist you.